About the League

The Colorado League of Charter Schools is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to supporting the state’s 250 charter public schools, which collectively serve over 120,000 students.  

Our Vision

The vision of the Colorado League of Charter Schools is for all Colorado students to have access to high-quality public schools.

Notice the term “charter school” is not included in that vision? That’s because we believe all students should have access to a high-quality public school, regardless of whether it’s a charter, magnet, innovation or traditional public school. We want every family to be able to choose the public school that best fits their child’s learning style, personality and needs. After all, every Colorado public school, including charter public schools, are part of the public school family. 

What We Do

The League works to improve student achievement by:

  • supporting Colorado’s charter public schools;

  • positively reshaping the public school landscape; and

  • advancing opportunities for innovation and expanded high-quality public school choice.

We do this by providing Colorado charter public schools with the information and resources; technical support and guidance; advocacy; public relations; and professional development they need to be successful.

We also provide guidance and technical assistance for developing charter school groups, such as charter application reviews, contract negotiations and general start-up support.

We believe that when schools have the tools and support they need, their students will succeed in school and in life.
Learn more at www.coloradoleague.org.

Want to Learn More?

Send Communications Manager Kerri Barclay an email if you have any questions or would like to learn more about charter public schools. You can reach her at kbarclay@coloradoleague.org.